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Glass Dildos for Anal Play

There are a few things to know about anal play with glass... and we're happy to share. :-)

First: Glass is a great toy for anal play because it is cleaner than any other toy. You can use glass vaginally and anally and never worry about contamination so long as you clean properly. Glass is very, very slippery when lubricated which is very important for anal play. It's not going to dry out like other toys might and you're not going to experience friction in a place where you really don't want it.

Second: There are three types of anal play with glass. First are plugs, which serve two interesting purposes that we'll get to. Second is are 'bead like' toys that tease the muscles. And third are those piece fanatastic for P-Spot (prostate) play:

  • Plugs: Plugs fill a space and relax the muscles. The feeling of fullness is often all one wants and can easily get from a plug. Plugs are also often called 'trainers' in that having a plug in is preparation (relaxation) for more adventurous play. The other side of plugs that most people don't consider, specifcially related to women using them, is an interesting effect that having one in does to change vaginal sex. When a woman has a plug anally inserted, it changes the size and shape of the vaginal canal. The result, while having vaginal intercourse, or using a JoyStick Vabrator or similar inserted vaginally, is an incredible feeling of fulness from double penetration, and completely different sensations from penetration, especially in that a penis or toy is directed quite well against the G-Spot. Well worth exploring. :-)
  • Bead Toys: Many of the toys recommended for Anal play have one or usually more bulbs. Slow insertion and removal of these toys is a repeated taunting of the muscles and a most delightful sensation once one is relaxed. Toys with gentle texture too are great for external teasing on those very sensitive nerve endings.
  • P-Spot Play: Every guy should know what their prostate gland is. Many don't realize that it's the male version of the female G-Spot. The only way to massage it is anally. Smooth glass toys with any sort of curve are exceptional for P-Spot play because you or your partner can control the toys, can apply gentle pressure and can massage easily. If you're not familiar with this, google it. Guys, if your butt cheeks just clenched... think again because this can be an unbelievable experience.

Tip: Warm your glass toy in warm water before anal play. Muscles relax much quicker when greeted by warmth.

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