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Why Glass Dildos Rock

Glass toys are becoming more and more popular everyday, not just because they excel in one area, but they excel in ALL areas where adult toys are concerned. If you take the time to read this article, you will leave with a MUCH better understanding of Glass Toys that you can apply to any that you purchase, from us, or from anyone else. Prepare for a real eye opener!

Borosilicate Glass Is NOT Just For Cooking!

All of our glass toys are hand made from Borosiliate glass, ofen referred to as Pyrex (although erronously as Pyrex is a tradename that can refer to many different types of glass).  But, why glass, and why Borosilicate specifically? In a word: Durability.

First, Borosilicate is a medical / pharma grade glass that is very strong. More than 1,500 lbs of pressure is required to bend (snap) a 1" bar of Borosilicate glass. Crush weight is somewhere in the range of 8 tonnes! It IS glass, so if you throw glass toys on concrete or very hard surfaces, you MIGHT damage them. Ultimately, however, they are actually far more durable than most toys .

Second, and very important for a whole lot of reasons, Borosilicate is nonporous. This means:

  • Glass toys will never age, fade, discolour.
  • Glass toys will NOT harbour bacteria, viruses, mildew, or any 'ickies' of any kind when cleaned properly.
  • Glass can be totally sterilized and is completely hypoallergenic which is perfect for anyone with sensitivities.
  • Glass toys are dishwasher safe.
  • Glass toys will never leach anything. Any colours used in our pieces are impregnated within the nonporous glass (just like Corning does with their dishes and cook wear).
  • Glass toys are so clean that they are the ONLY toy (except stainless steel) that can be used both vaginally AND anally after washing.

Combine the strength and nonporous nature of Borosilicate and you have one of the cleanest and safest toys available today. This is why so many Doctors and therapists recommend Glass toys. Health is becoming a major focus for consumers. Glass fits the bill. Beyond durability, Borosilicate itself has two more great qualities on the more erotic side. First, as a nonporous material, glass is slippery when wet... very slippery. The smallest bit of lube, whether natural or from a bottle, goes a long way as glass will not absorb lubricant. Second, Borosilicate retains heat and cold very well. A few minutes in hot water, or a few minutes in ice water, changes the glass experience in the most exciting ways.

Wild Functionality of Borosilicate Glass Dildos

Glass is not only beautiful, it is very functional, far more so than most crude dildos. In brief, you need to be able to point out what each style of dildo is capable of and why. Key stimulation points are:

External - textures (typically bumps or ribs) that can be used externally to stimulate clitoris and/or labia.
Shallow Vaginal - textures or shapes to ignite the nerve endings in the first inch inside the vagina.

Shallow Vaginal - textures or shapes to ignite the nerve endings in the first inch inside the vagina.

Deep Vaginal - pieces capable of deep insertion to provide a familiar sense of fullness and/or reach and stimulate other deep internal spots.

Orgasm Enhancement - because glass does not compress like a penis or a soft toy when your PC muscles spam during orgasm, your sensations are dramatically heightened. More, if the piece has multiple bulbs or a head with a good ridge to it, repeated slow penetration during orgasm while your muscles are trying so hard to clamp down (and you keep penetrating to open them) will lengthen orgasm while putting you on the roof!

G-Spot - any glass dildo with a good curve can stimulate G-Spot. Pieces with a head larger than the shaft, even straight pieces, are also often quite effective for G-Spot stimulation as the rigidity of the glass allows control for spot on targeting.

Anal - a large percentage of our glass dildos are suitable for anal play depending upon the comfort of the individual.

As you look at each piece and description you will quickly be able to identify relevant functionality and will note that some pieces excel in several areas at once. Most of our listings do make note of the functionality of each piece so do explore.

Glass Dildos are Dense and Rigid!!

The only real objection of note from a handful of consumers is that glass is rigid, inflexible. With all the 'life like' materials out there, glass is a definite contrast, but that is one of its greatest strengths and what many people ultimately like the most. The best way to illustrate is through example:

Ask any woman what it's like when she's playing with a favourite dildo and is thrilled to find just the right spot, be that the G-Spot or any other very happy little place. Then, as quickly as she found it, it's gone... GONE! And she spends the next 15 minutes cursing while trying to find it again. Yes, smile, you're supposed to at this moment.

The point is that our glass dildos offer amazing control BECAUSE they are rigid and that allows that same frustrated woman to find the best spots consistently, time and time again. And even though they are rigid, they are also ultimately smooth and slippery so there's no need to stop because of friction.

As for density, glass is heavy. It is heavier than silicone, and this lends itself to some very unique sensations with penetration. This also allows smaller pieces to feel like much larger dildos, simply because of weight.

The other notable consequence of the combined rigidity, density, and slippery nature of glass is the experience of texture and shape in two distinctly different ways. The subtle differences in the shape of the heads of two different pieces, the ribbing or bumps, and even the finest textures, are experienced because they won't bend or flatten out. On the other hand, even textures that may seem ultimately extreme are made far more gentle and erotic because the glass is so slippery. Who knew that two little qualities could mean so much?

Our Glass Dildos Are Hand Made ... So What?

Most rubber, plastic, and silicone dildos today are formed in molds, cooled, cut out, poorly trimmed and stuck in a package for mass consumption. It's not that simple with glass.

Every glass dildo is made by hand through a long process that involves many motions of heating, cooling, and working the glass as shapes, colours and textures come together into the final piece. Once a glass dildo is completed it is then annealed (baked) for many hours at a temperature near the melting point of the glass. This gives each dildo its final smoothness and brings the glass to its full strength as all of the glass parts that have been brought together are completely fused to become the final, single, solid work of art.

Each piece is then hand inspected before shipping to our distribution centre, then hand inspected again before its sent out to stores. There are a lot of hands involved throughout.

Knowing the origins of glass dildos is important to help you understand that every piece really is unique. Pieces of the same style may each have slightly different colouring, shapes and sizes of bumps or other textures, dissimilar curves and even slightly varying sizes. These really are more than just bedroom toys, they are visually erotic artwork, each piece as unique as the ultimate owner. (Did that sound corny? What can we say... we're passionate about glass!)


* Article provided courtesy of Love Style Glass.


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